Incredible video shows chimps' cunning attempt to escape from zoo

A group of clever chimps have managed to escape their zoo enclosure after using a branch as a ladder.

The chimpanzees were filmed performing their escape from their enclosure at Belfast Zoo in Northern Ireland on Saturday.

Danielle Monaghan shared video of the escape on Facebook. They are seen using the branch to scale the wall.

Chimps escape their enclosure Belfast Zoo in Northern Ireland. Source: Facebook/ Danielle Monaghan

“Mum, it’s escaping!” a little girl yells.

“Better tell somebody.” 

Zookeeper Alyn Cairns told the BBC, trees in the chimps’ enclosure had been weakened by recent storms, allowing the animals to break them and fashion a ladder to escape.

“They’re intelligent primates and know they’re not supposed to be out of their enclosure, so got back in themselves,” Mr Cairns told the BBC.

A zookeeper said a tree became damaged in a storm in the enclosure allowing the chimps to create a ladder from the scraps. Source: Facebook/ Danielle Monaghan

Ms Monaghan later told BBC she was “petrified” at seeing the chimps escape. 

She added one got within a foot of her family but it wasn’t aggressive. 

A chimp outside its enclosure. Source: Facebook/ Danielle Monaghan

In July, a jaguar escaped a zoo in New Orleans before going on a rampage killing several animals including four alpacas, an emu and a fox.

In December, a lion escaped a wildlife conservatory in North Carolina and killed a 22-year-old intern.

The lion was later shot and killed.

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