Incredible video shows why Aussies complain about flies

A group of outback explorers’ latest trek has been gatecrashed by thousands of unwelcome guests.

Remarkable footage, shot in the Simpson Desert last week by seasoned explorer and Outback Camel Company founder, Andrew Harper, shows a herd of camels engulfed by a giant swarm of flies.

Mr Harper, who was leading a warm up trek with around 10 guests, said he hadn’t experienced anything of that magnitude for years.

A group of explorers were swamped with thousands of flies last week in the Simpson Desert. Source: Outback Camel Company/ Andrew Harper

“I was driving about doing logistics last week and would hop out of the ute, to be immediately set upon by thousands of flies. I’ve not seen them this thick for years,” he revealed.

Mr Harper says the stomach-churning phenomenon was down to a combination of late summer rain and very warm temperatures.

He revealed the bush fly invasion was nothing to do with the camels’ presence and is a quite common occurrence in the outback in the central part of Australia.

The gut-wrenching phenomenon is a common occurrence in the Outback, according to explorer Andrew Harper. Source: Outback Camel Company/ Andrew Harper