Incredible shot captures green fireball burning across the sky next to the moon and Venus

A lucky German photographer set up his tripod on the outskirts of his home town – and captured the exact moment a huge green fireball burned across the sky.

Uwe Reichert captured the spectacular shot while attempting to photograph the bright Venus next to the three-day-old moon on the 16th of June this year.

Reichert says it was by sheer chance that the moment he pressed his camera remote control was the moment the fireball raced past his lens.

The moon, Venus and a fireball. Source: ESA

The European Space Agency says, ‘As it turned out a few hours later, with the help of Reichert’s picture, the fireball’s ground track was identified to have been over Belgium, some 230 kilometres away from the photographer’s position.

‘Hundreds of people had seen the fireball, and the many sightings were also reported from Belgium and Holland, where Reichert’s picture made it to several news websites the next day.’