Incredible moment grieving dad hears dead son's heartbeat

A grieving father has listened to his son’s beating heart with a stethoscope two years after the young man’s death in a car accident.

Jordan Spahn, 47, lost his 21-year-old son Matthew in October 2018 when he was hit by a car.

In the hospital, the Texas family discovered that Matthew was a registered organ donor, a decision that saved the life of five people who received seven of his organs after death.

“Having someone get his heart was important to me — he was a state-qualified runner and I thought someone deserved the heart of a champion,” the father of eight told Yahoo Lifestyle, adding that less than four months after Matthew passed, Spahn lost his 24-year-old son Jonah in the same fashion.

Matthew’s heart went to woman named Kristi Richard Russ, 55, who had suffered a massive heart attack in 2016 and had chronic heart failure.

Kristi’s heart was functioning at only 10 percent and she was on a waiting list for a transplant, however four different hearts were rejected due to their size and health.

“One night, I was watching TV with my husband Ron and heard a voice that wasn’t his, saying, ‘Hold on for 10 more days,’” Kristi tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I think it was my father who passed away in 2013.”

Ten days later on October 19 (two days after Matthew’s death), Kristi received word that his heart was available. To protect the privacy of both parties, they were advised to wait one year before voluntarily contacting each other.

Jordan Spahn and his late son Matthew, 21, who died in a car accident in 2018. Jordan recently met the woman who received Matthew's heart through a transplant. Source: Courtesy of Jordan Spahn

“Sometimes the recipients have survivor’s guilt knowing that someone had to die for them to live,” explained Spahn. “But we were more than willing to talk to someone who received Matthew’s organs.”

All Kristi knew was that her heart came from a healthy man in his twenties.

She wanted to speak to Matthew’s family, but only after she knew that her body wouldn’t reject his heart, an outcome she felt would be traumatising. Eventually, Kristi reached out in a letter.

On February 8th, after the families had communicated several times, Kristi, Ron, Spahn and his fiancée Summer Mossbarger met at a Brenham restaurant.

“I teared up and when we hugged, I could feel Matthew in that embrace,” says Spahn. He didn’t know that Kristi had a stethoscope tucked inside her purse.

During their 5-hour visit, Kristi gifted Spahn with a stuffed animal that was equipped with a recording of Matthew’s heartbeat.

“Then I pulled out the stethoscope and said, ‘Who wants to hear first?’” she says.

The recording captures Spahn listening intently. “Clear as day,” says Kristi as she comforts him.

“So strong!” says Spahn.

“When it’s quiet at night, you can hear it without the stethoscope,” she says.

“He’s out there, running laps,” remarked the dad.

Kristi Richard Russ (second from left) received a heart from Matthew, the 21-year-old late son of Jordan Spahn (second from right). The two families, including Kristi's husband Ron (L) and Spahn's fiancée Summer Mossbarger (R), united to hear Matthew's heart with a stethoscope. Source: Courtesy of Jordan Spahn

Kristi has noticed unexplainable changes since the transplant. “I used to hate Chinese food and now I can’t eat enough of it,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle of Matthew’s beloved cuisine.

“I also used to be quiet about things that hurt me, but not anymore.”

Spahn's fiancée Summer Mossbarger said Matthew also held nothing back. “When I talk to Kristi, it’s like talking to Matt”.

“Somethings we don’t have to say anything to each other, because it’s already understood. The bond we all share now is just crazy and amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

-Yahoo Lifestyle

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