Incredible moment dolphin swims into family's home during flash flood

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This is the incredible moment a Brazilian family hand-feeds a dolphin that found its way into their home during a flash flood.

The amazing scene was filmed in the area of Vila de Paricatuba in the Brazilian state of Amazonas after the region was hit by heavy rain this week.

Many of the local villagers live in floating or stilted homes due to the fluctuating water levels in the region.

So when the area was flooded after the nearby Rio Negro burst its banks, the water ended up in this family's house, allowing one adventurous dolphin to venture out of its comfort zone and visit.

In the footage, viewed over 1.2 million times, the curious dolphin is seen peering up at the surprised group of adults and children who feed it fish and pet its nose.

Family friend Michele Silva, who grew up in the area and now lives in Natal City, posted the video on social media and it quickly went viral.

"When I saw the video, I remembered a lot about my grandmother and decided to post it," Silva, who was visiting her childhood friend, wrote in a message accompanying the clip.

"In the past, people were afraid to get close to dolphins, but nowadays they play and feed them. Even my friend's son, who is two years old, was playing.”

She said that dolphins used to visit her family all the time, adding: "It's common for them to feed the dolphins there. They even have names. Even though they are used to tourism and this kind of visit is common, I think the interaction is very cool."

"I live in Natal, but whenever I can, I go to visit my friend and contemplate nature," Silva added.

 the stunned family patting and feeding the dolphin.
Footage shows the stunned family patting and feeding the dolphin. Source: CEN/Australscope

Dolphin filmed swimming past Melbourne houses

The incident comes just months after a rogue dolphin was spotted frolicking in the Maribyrnong River in front of homes in northwest Melbourne.

A TikTok of the dolphin swimming along the waterway was uploaded by a user who was surprised by the fin sticking out of the water along the residential area.

"What the hell? Why is there a dolphin? I hope it's okay," the woman who filmed the clip can be heard saying.


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