Incredible find in blocked pipe of Queensland home: 'Surprised'

An Aussie man has made an incredible discovery while investigating the cause of his home’s blocked drain pipe.

A couple of weeks ago, the man noticed water was overflowing from the roof of his property in Pallara, a suburb of Brisbane, and went to check on the gutter. However, he was stunned when he realised the usual culprit — a pile of rotting leaves — was not to blame.

Snake catcher Bryce Lockett pulling the python out of the pipe.
Snake catcher Bryce Lockett said the homeowner was stunned when he pulled the 2.5 metre python out of the pipe. Source: TikTok/@BryceGrylls

“He noticed a couple of scales hanging out the pipe…so he knew it was a non venomous Coastal Carpet Python,” Bryce Lockett from Snake Catchers Brisbane and Gold Coast told Yahoo News Australia on Saturday.

Although the resident was aware a python was causing the blockage, he wasn’t expecting how large it was, the 27-year-old long-time snake catcher said. “He was extremely surprised a large 2.5 metre python could fit in such a small space,” he explained.

Mr Lockett holding the python up to show how long it is.
The Coastal Carpet Python has since been safely relocated to nearby bushland. Source: TikTok/@BryceGrylls

TikTok footage of python goes viral

Footage of Mr Lockett separating the pipe to reveal the massive python coiled tightly inside has since gone viral on TikTok, where it has been viewed almost one million times. In the video, the snake’s incredible size is on full display as it unravels from its hiding spot.

“Just remember in Queensland a blocked down pipe isn’t always from leaves,” Mr Lockett captioned the clip, which has attracted hundreds of comments from shocked viewers.

“Worst kind of surprise ever,” one person said, while another joked: “There was way more danger noodle in that pipe than I expected.”

“I’ve always wanted to visit Australia. But for this reason, I’m out,” one woman said. Numerous others commented on how calm the python appeared to be. “Snake looked at him like, ‘bro, I’m chilling here’,” someone said.

Mr Lockett told Yahoo News Australia the Coastal Carpet Python has since been safely relocated to nearby bushland.

“I’ve been catching snakes for 11 years. I’ve seen them in all strange and wonderful places,” he said, adding that he loves the job because “no two days are the same”. “[It] keeps you on your toes. Early this week I caught a highly venomous eastern brown snake in a car’s engine bay in a public carpark.”

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