Incredible fence on rental property deters potential tenants: 'Is it even legal?'

The 'spacious' rental property has tried to make the most of the land available – but there is a downside.

A granny flat boasting two bedrooms has been advertised for rent in Minto in Sydney's southwest but pictures have revealed an impractical feature warding off potential tenants.

The green fence can be seen outside the sliding door.
The large green fence can be seen blocking the entirety of the sliding door in the rental property, with only a narrow gap between the two. Source: Facebook

Priced at $420 per week, the property is described as "spacious" yet this claim comes at a cost, with an incredibly narrow gap between the sliding door, situated in the communal area, and a large imposing fence directly outside.

"You wouldn't even get a whipper snipper through there," one person joked when the rental listing was shared online, while another questioned, "Is it even legal?".

The sliding door completely backs onto the green fence.
The sliding door backs onto the fence completely blocking access. Source: Facebook

Impractical feature deemed 'inappropriate' by expert

Building codes and construction regulations vary between council areas and states, with a number of technicalities coming into play. However, even a quick glance at the images from the rental listing indicate changes need to made.

"This is not appropriate," UNSW's Professor of Construction and Property Management Samad Sepasgozar told Yahoo News Australia. "No codes or standards allow for a strong and rigid fence to be in front of a door without at least one metre space — ideally 1.8 metres."

Unsurprisingly there are a number of reasons why this is impractical for the tenant living inside the granny flat, with Professor Sepasgozar recommending the door being removed and substituted for a window, so natural light can still be enjoyed without the fence imposing on functionality.

"People should be able to use the door properly and walk out of it but in this image it shows there is not enough space... it is a fire hazard," he said.

With such a limited space between the door and fence it would be difficult for a tenant to keep the area clean and tidy, therefore, it also presents a health and safety risk, alongside obvious accessibility limits.

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