'Inconsiderate' drivers have their cars plastered with angry stickers

Vigilantes sick of people parking in Australia Post spaces in NSW have expressed their anger in a way that simply cannot be ignored.

Photos shared by Redditor tvr190 show a number of cars plastered with large stickers across their windshields.

Good parking job. Source: Imgur/tvr190

"I am not an Aust Post customer," the stickers read.

"I just park here all day because I don't care."

There are signs indicating the parking spaces are reserved but it is unknown who was placing the stickers on the cars or their relationship, if any, to the store was.

Get the message? Source: Imgur/tvr190

The Redditor said he found the pics on a community page.

People commenting on the post called the stickers "passive aggressive".

Some asked whether it would be "considered vandalism" if the sticker didn't come off.

Australia Post told Yahoo7 none of their staff had taken the extreme action.

It could be worse. The drivers could have been accused of giving someone cancer.

News break – December 12