'Having my implants removed was the best decision I ever made': One woman's experience with breast implant illness

Mel Ward is a 37-year-old mother of two who recently had her breast implants removed. She shared the physical and mental changes she experienced after the operation with Sunday Night.

At nine weeks post op from having the breast implants removed, my health results have been nothing short of dramatic, physically and mentally!

Each day gets better and better. My energy is through the roof, to the point I’ve nearly forgotten how unwell I felt 24/7; how on God’s earth I was walking around chronically ill astounds me today.

I need to reflect on my list of symptoms to jog my memory!

The majority of the symptoms I carried for 10 years have gone. Most obvious is the chronic inflammation throughout my entire body. Since the brain fog has lifted my memory is sharper, and my anxiety and depression are gone (no medication for the past 12 weeks).

The feelings of fatigue, blurred vision, muscle aches, joint aches, choking sensations, breathing difficulties and sinus pain are all gone. My eyes are both now the same size again. My uterus no longer feels as though I’m in labour, the frequent urination has subsided, my hair is growing, the finger nail ridges are smoothing out, the dark circles under my eyes are going, and the sensitivity I was experiencing to light and sound has gone.

My skin is clearing, I have regular bowel movements and my food intolerances have reduced. I’ve been eating super-clean albeit a few indulgent celebratory dinners, which haven’t affected me the way they would have with toxic implants.

I will admit I went through a patch of confusion. I was so used to being sick, I didn’t know how to start living in health. Being sick for nearly 10 years almost became my identity! But I’ve navigated my way through and I am feeling in control and super positive about the future. I’m living in the moment, being present for my daughters and my husband. Have my implants removed was the best decision I have ever made hands down!