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'It will probably kill me': Shocking impact of rising prices on the elderly laid bare

Many pensioners are cutting back on spending. (PA)
Many pensioners are cutting back on spending. (PA) (Andrew Bret Wallis via Getty Images)

Elderly people have shared the fears and hardships they face as the cost of living crisis risks causing a major crisis for the UK's pensioners.

The report found one in ten old people are cutting back on their social care because they fear they cannot afford it and one in five are stopping or reducing their spending on medications or specialist foods.

They also found 15% of elderly people are already skipping meals, or expect to do so soon in order to save money.

Age UK said more than half of the over 60s in the UK believed the rise in the cost of living would affect their health and care needs over the winter.

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Age UK said pensioners were cutting back on meals. (PA)
Age UK said pensioners were cutting back on meals. (PA) (Daniel Harvey Gonzalez via Getty Images)

As part of their report Age UK spoke to the older people who are most at risk during the crisis and shared some of their most concerning statements.

They said:

“It will probably kill me”

“My husband needs to be warm at all times because of his lung condition. Yet we will not be able to afford much heating this year. Also cutting back on food because of the increased costs.

I don't turn on lights or heating. I sit in the dark at night. This will have a marked effect when the weather gets colder and the nights get longer.”

“Sometimes I don't take my painkillers or eye drops because they are too expensive. I cannot afford them.”

“I'm worried about heating costs. I have widespread arthritis and am virtually housebound and I feel the cold. If heating costs increase as predicted, along with increase in food bills, I'm not going to be able to pay my bills; I'll have to cut back on everything. I just don't know how I will cope”

“I have no idea. Honestly. My hot water is linked to my heating and I have been without hot water for the last two months. I wash up in cold water, take a quick shower once a week and have no heating. I really worry about putting the heating on, although I've been cold. I've stayed in bed some days...all day, just to keep warm.”

“I need and would like to have help but can't afford it. I need and would like to buy food to help me with my medical problems but can't afford it. I need and would like to go to a lunch club but can't afford the transport or other expenses involved.”

“I am responsible for 2 extremely vulnerable family members. I miss out on meals to make sure there is enough to eat.”

The charity said their findings are "the worst possible news" for elderly people and will put increased pressure on the NHS.

It also comes at a time when many elderly people are already facing huge issues, with Age UK saying 14,000 requests for care are turned down by councils every week.

This contributes to the estimated 2.6 million people aged 50 and above who are now living with some unmet need for care in England.

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Rishi Sunak has promised fairness when it comes to the looming tax hikes and cuts. (PA)
Rishi Sunak has promised fairness when it comes to the looming tax hikes and cuts. (PA) (KGC-254/STAR MAX/IPx)

As the country heads into winter many are worried it could get worse before it gets better, especially as the government has indicated it is looking to cut spending to close the gap in the public finances.

Although it is believed the NHS and social care spending will be protected both Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt have refused to rule out cancelling the triple lock.

Pensions are due to rise in line with inflation (as it is the highest of the three measures in the triple lock) by around 10%, but this will be very expensive for a government looking to make savings.

The new PM has promised "fairness" when it comes to the impact tax rises and spending cuts will have on society.