Immortality developer unveils two horror games in the works

Immortality dev reveals two new horror gamesHalf Mermaid

Immortality developer Half Mermaid has announced that it has two more horror games in the works.

The company's CEO, Sam Barlow, (who directed things like Immortality and Her Story, and wrote some Silent Hill games back in the PS2 days) went on the Kinda Funny podcast to speak about Project C and Project D, which had just appeared on Steam through some heavily redacted pages.

Seriously, even the games' full titles (or working titles, as they might turn out to be) are mostly blocked out.

sam barlow and natalie watson from half mermaid at the 2023 bafta games awards
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Obviously, Half Mermaid is playing things close to its chest, but Barlow did tease a little bit during his podcast appearance.

"One of them is in the tradition of Immortality, building on some of that tech but going in a cool direction, I think," he said.

"You look at the Steam tags, you can see that it's horror, sci-fi horror, it's a very cool premise. It might be like the chunkiest mechanic we've come up with within this kind of non-linear space, it's a cool little puzzle box.

"And then the other, Project D, that is for my old-school fans that played Silent Hill: Shattered Memories back in the day.

Half Mermaid

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"This is a third-person survival horror game, but like, take that and then imagine what happens if the Immortality team fuses with a third-person survival horror game."

Immortality (which just got a PS5 release this week) tasks players with scrubbing and searching through videos to find clues and advance the story. As people who go through film and TV trailers for every minute detail, we at Digital Spy unsurprisingly liked it.

In fact, it came second in our list of top games for 2022.

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