'I'm so disgusted': Woman 'slut shamed' over her outfit by Jetstar, offered $50 apology

Samuel Hussey
News Reporter

A young Gold Coast Woman has accused Jetstar of “slut shaming” her and attempting to apologise with a $50 travel voucher.

Shoshana Strykert, 28, had just waited five hours to catch a flight to the Gold Coast on Friday so she could visit her mother in hospital.

After settling for a flight to Brisbane, the small business owner boarded the plane in a black, cropped singlet; loose, beige pants and a pair of sandals.

It was an outfit that Ms Strykert never questioned as being inappropriate – but as she revealed in a scathing open Facebook post to the airline, one flight attendant did.

Shoshana Strykert said she was wearing this outfit when ‘slut shamed’ by a Jetstar crew member. Source: Facebook/Shoshana Strykert

“The flight attendant told me that what I was wearing was inappropriate,” she wrote.

“She then told me “do you see any men walking around with their shirts off?

“And then added ‘do you have a T-shirt you can put on, or I will give you a blanket’”

She said everybody on the plane was looking at her, leaving her feeling “embarrassed and shocked.”

Another passenger sitting one row back detected how embarrassed Ms Strykert was and offered up her jacket.

“Thank you Jetstar for slut shaming me,” Ms Strykert said in her post.

Jetstar offers $50 voucher in ‘gesture of goodwill’

A Jetstar representative offered the passenger a $50 travel voucher for a future flight. Source: Getty

A Jetstar representative wrote to Ms Stryker and offered a $50 travel voucher to be used on a future flight, but stopped short of a full apology.

“Our cabin crew have a number of important responsibilities on board including, reporting, food and beverage service, cleaning and the implementation of our important safety procedures,” the response read.

“Sometimes disruptions to our service might put them under additional pressure and they mightn’t have the time to provide the level of service we would like.

“Still, you have  every right to expect polite, friendly and professional service, whenever you fly with us and I apologise if this was not your experience.

Jetstar have stood by their $50 voucher compensation. Source: 7 News

A Jetstar spokesperson told Yahoo7 News that they have since called Ms Strykert to better understand the situation.

“We are investigating what happened to find out if the situation could have been handled differently and have passed Ms Strykert’s feedback to our teams,” the spokesperson said.

“We’re sorry that this interaction spoiled Ms Strykert’s journey and have provided a travel voucher as gesture of good will.”

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