'If they don't like it they can take their pie to the dunny!': Mums and shoppers protest after breastfeeding mum asked to leave food court

Natasha Christian

Dozens of mothers have taken a stand at a their local shopping centre, after a breastfeeding mum was asked to leave the food court.

The women protested at the Bendigo shopping centre, outraged after hearing how the mother had been treated by staff on Tuesday afternoon.

Staff evicted the mother, Luci White, after customers complained about her breastfeeding in public.

In response, on Friday, staffs were confronted with dozens of mums feeding their babies in the food court.

Luci White was asked to leave the shopping centre on Tuesday.

“I was really upset because once he was removed from my breast he was hysteric and was like that for 45 minutes, it was really distressing for me,” Ms White told 7 News.

Michelle Van Zyl, another mother, said the mums weren’t afraid to feed in public, and they wouldn’t be told to move along.

Every table at the food court was full, as parents peacefully protested a mother’s right to feed her baby in public.

“If the people don’t like the woman breastfeeding, they can take their pie and their latte and go to the dunny!” Shopper Noel Cahill told 7 News.

Norm had plenty to say in support of the mums! Photo: 7 News

Mum Julia Carter said she wanted to help support the women who needed to feed their babies in public.
And Les Jones felt it helped kids get the best start in life.

The shopping centre management has since apologised for the incident, claiming they regret any discomfort or embarrassment caused.

All staff have since been reminded of their breastfeeding policy, to welcome and support mums.