People Are Loving The Way Ice-T Responded To A Question About Women In Their 40s Wearing Bathing Suits And Leggings

People Are Loving The Way Ice-T Responded To A Question About Women In Their 40s Wearing Bathing Suits And Leggings

Fans are loving the way Ice-T has proven time and time again that he's his wife, Coco Austin's, biggest fan.

Coco, in a striped dress and heels, and Ice-T, in a hoodie and cap, posing together on the red carpet
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On Saturday, Twitter user @ByBellaArtist asked the Twitterverse this question about women 40 and up wearing certain clothing:

Twitter: @ByBellaArtist

The post received over 1,000 responses and nearly 80 quote tweets, and one was from the Law & Order: SVU star. The 66-year-old entertainer chimed in to give his opinion on the topic by using his 45-year-old wife as inspiration.

The couple in retro-inspired outfits, one in a pinstripe suit and hat, the other in a high-waisted ensemble with fishnets
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He shared this response along with one of Coco's professional modeling photos...

Ice-T tweets admiration for his wife Coco's modeling work, celebrating her 45th birthday and women's vitality in their 40s

...and a photo from her recent birthday celebration:

Twitter: @cocosworld

With so much online critique and criticism about what women of any age "should or should not" be wearing, many people praised Ice-T for celebrating Coco's style instead of trying to police it:

Twitter: @Tina_Castalia

Tweet expressing missing the show "Ice T and Coco" on E!
Tweet praises Ice T for supporting his wife Coco's success, highlighting their strong relationship
Tweet text: Advocating for valuing women regardless of age, emphasizing compatibility over societal norms
A screenshot of a tweet by user dezi stormz expressing admiration for Ice-T's consistent support of a woman
ICE T loves him some Coco!!!!
Tweet appreciates someone celebrating their partner's confidence without jealousy, desires similar respect in a future relationship

It also encouraged other women to speak out about feeling more confident and beautiful in their 40s, as well as other husbands who are just as supportive of their wives:

Twitter: @Kari_Nautique

Twitter: @Kcei13th

Twitter: @kiki_daire

Twitter: @michellebrusse

Twitter: @deshstar_

I don't know about you, but I genuinely love it when I get on social media, and it's filled with positivity.

And remember, celebrate yourself even when no one else will!