Ice cream van accused of 'nuisance chiming'

Two ice cream vans, one red with Popeye carton on front and the other blue with Mickey Mouse.
An ice cream van owner could have his renewal licence application rejected after complaints [Cheltenham Borough Council]

Concerns have been raised after an ice cream van company allegedly chimed its music for too long.

Affectionately known as Mr Whippy in Cheltenham, Bambas Shaouna applied to the council to renew his licence.

But Cheltenham Borough Council officers have advised councillors to reject the application after the company was also accused of parking too close to schools.

Mr Shaouna said he has had eight complaints in six years, and most of the "small little errors" were down to a lack of staff training, which is being rectified.

The maximum amount of time ice cream vans are supposed to leave a chimer on is 12 seconds.

Complaints have also been made against the company for obstructing pavements and operating without a licence.

Mr Shaouna, who has been working in the market town since the 1990s - told the BBC his business partner thought they already had permission to operate when they were submitting the renewal license documents.

Council officers are recommending councillors refuse the application because of "air quality and children’s health" along with "concerns raised about the apparent/ alleged failure to comply with advice, and trading without consent".

The meeting is taking place at 18:00 BST at the Municipal Offices.

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