The ICAC road to premier's resignation

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MARCH 2015:

* Ms Berejiklian and then-MP Daryl Maguire begin a "close personal relationship" about the time of the NSW election. She was transport minister and he, a parliamentary secretary, was separated from his ex-wife.

APRIL 2, 2015:

* Ms Berejiklian appointed NSW treasurer after the coalition is re-elected.

JANUARY 23, 2017:

* Ms Berejiklian becomes NSW premier, replacing Mike Baird. Mr Maguire is retained as a parliamentary secretary in her government.

AUGUST 2017:

* Ms Berejiklian tells Mr Maguire she would like him to quit parliament at the 2019 election so the pair can go public with their relationship. Ms Berejiklian says Mr Maguire also wanted that.

SEPTEMBER 7, 2017:

* Ms Berejiklian is heard in a telephone intercept saying she "didn't need to know about that bit" as Mr Maguire discusses his financial interests at Badgerys Creek Airport, and a land deal that would net him a large windfall. A day earlier, Mr Maguire texted Ms Berejiklian that "we clinched the land deal".


* Louise Waterhouse, a western Sydney landowner, twice emailed Ms Berejiklian after being given her private address by Mr Maguire. She requested help with rezoning changes around Badgerys Creek Airport that would benefit a parcel of her land. Ms Berejiklian did not respond.

JULY 13, 2018:

* Mr Maguire appears before ICAC amid evidence he sought payments to help broker deals for property developers.

AUGUST 3, 2018:

* Mr Maguire resigns from the Berejiklian government at the behest of Ms Berejiklian and other frontbenchers, with the premier saying she is "pleased" and "relieved", but privately she remains in contact with Mr Maguire.

MARCH 23, 2019:

* The coalition retains government in the 2019 NSW election.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2020:

* Ms Berejiklian cuts all contact with Mr Maguire and agrees to support an ICAC inquiry into his business interests.

OCTOBER 12, 2020:

* Ms Berejiklian's relationship with Mr Maguire is revealed at ICAC.

OCTOBER 14/15, 2020:

* Mr Maguire tells ICAC he can't recall exactly what he told his "on-again, off-again" girlfriend Ms Berejiklian about a $330 million property deal that was to net him a seven-figure kickback.

OCTOBER 16, 2020:

* "Hand on heart, I have done nothing wrong," Ms Berejiklian says amid the ongoing inquiry.

NOVEMBER 12, 2020:

* NSW's upper house votes to refer Ms Berejiklian to the state's corruption watchdog over her former partner's dealings. The move is defeated in the lower house.


* ICAC delays its final submissions into Mr Maguire's matter, confirming it is undertaking more investigative steps.

MARCH 4, 2021:

* Ms Berejiklian faces a barrage of questions about her five-year covert relationship with Mr Maguire at a fiery budget estimates hearing.

MARCH 17, 2021:

* The hpper house again votes to refer Ms Berejiklian to the state's corruption watchdog over her former partner's dealings. The move is again defeated in the lower house.

OCTOBER 1, 2021:

* Citing ICAC's further investigation into a potential breach of public trust, Ms Berejiklian resigns as NSW premier, insisting "I've always acted with the highest level of integrity".

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