'I was dumb': Influencer's coronavirus scare after ignoring rules

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An influencer who believes she has the coronavirus has admitted it was “dumb” to flout social distancing measures after lockdown restrictions were eased.

Victoria Bachlet has documented her coronavirus experience on TikTok, explaining in one video a woman she associated with “forgot” to tell the group she had coronavirus.

Ms Bachlet also went to another friend’s home where someone in the household tested positive for coronavirus the next day.

Victoria Bachlet ignored social distancing rules and potentially have coronavirus. Source: TikTok/Instagram - Victoria Bachlet
Victoria Bachlet ignored social distancing rules and potentially have coronavirus. Source: TikTok/Instagram - Victoria Bachlet

The influencer, from the US state of North Carolina, explained in a TikTok earlier this week she and all her friends were now sick as they went to what looked like a drive-thru testing facility.

The next day, Ms Bachlet was still waiting on her test results, however she said she was certain she had the virus.

In addition to having a sore throat, chills and body aches, Ms Bachlet said she was also unable to taste or smell.

In the second update during the third day in quarantine, Ms Bachlet addressed questions on why she didn’t social distance

“I know there’s so many comments that are like ‘Victoria, why didn’t you social distance?’,” she said.

“I was dumb, they opened. everything back up a few weeks ago and I have been so tired of sitting that I just wanted to hang out with my friends.”

She explained the group tried to make sure everyone who came over was clear and didn’t have any symptoms or had been in contact with any known cases, and added the group spent “majority” of the time outside.

"But some people did not tell us that they had been exposed,” she explained.

“Which is fine, I'm not mad at anybody because we're having a whole outbreak in my whole, like, county right now.”

It is not confirmed whether Ms Bachlet has coronavirus, however, she maintains she is “positive” she has it while she waits for her results.

The US has been the worst-hit country, having surpassed previous epicentres like Italy and China, where the coronavirus originated.

Of the more than 8.6 million confirmed cases globally, the US accounts for some 2.2 million of those cases, according to Johns Hopkins data.

According to North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services, more than 49,000 cases have been confirmed through lab tests in the state.

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