'I was 14': Former sex slave confronts rapist in powerful on-air standoff

A former ISIS sex slave has confronted her abuser in a stunning moment broadcast on TV.

Ashwaq Hajji Hameed was kidnapped, sold into slavery and abused at the age of 14, when living in Iraq as islamic militant group ISIS, or Daesh, took over parts of the country.

The woman eventually escaped and fled to Europe, starting a new life in Germany. However Ms Hameed revealed last year that she ran into her rapist, Abu Humam, on the street in Stuttgart where he threatened her, saying he knew where she lived, according to the UK’s Daily Mail.

Humam has since been arrested and is in custody in Iraq, allowing Ms Hameed to confront her former captor in dramatic fashion.

A video of the emotionally-charged scene broadcast on the Iraqi Media Network was shared on social media on the weekend, sending it around the world.

A sobbing Ms Hameed told the handcuffed Humam to look her in the eye during the confrontation but he remained with his head bowed, and tearful during the moment.

It is unclear how the former ISIS soldier is back in Iraqi custody. Source: Twitter/Ezidi2

The former sex slave told him that he ruined her life when he took her captive and raped her.

“Why did you do that to me?” she demanded, while shaking and wiping away tears, according to a translation by the Daily Mail.

“Do you have a sister? Do you have feelings? Do you have any honour? I was 14 years old.”

The video of the confrontation ends after the woman suddenly collapses to the floor.

It is unclear how Abu Humam came to be imprisoned in Iraq.

A video of the broadcast was shared by an account which claims to give a voice to the “voiceless, Yazidi people”.

Yazidis are a mostly Kurmanji-speaking group of contested ethnic origin, indigenous to Iraq, Syria, and Turkey and tend not to marry outside their ethnic group. Ms Hameed is reportedly Yazidi.

In August 2014, more than 300 Yazidi families were threatened and forced to choose between conversion to Sunni Islam or death in a genocidal event perpetrated by ISIS. At the time, many women and girls were forced into sexual slavery.

The woman is overcome with emotion, before suddenly collapsing at the end of the video. Source: Twitter/Ezidi2

Roughly translated, the description accompanying the video reads: “A scene shaking with emotion. Yazidi Ashwaq Haji faced her Daesh rapist five years later, an Iraqi national, who enslaved her for a long time and was subjected to the most horrible physical and psychological violations when she was 14 years old.”

The Germans authorities promised to investigate after Ms Hameed revealed in a 2018 Facebook video that she had seen her rapist in the European country.

She told police and asylum officials about the encounter, and although they identified the man from CCTV, they told her there was nothing they could do because he was also registered as a refugee, The Sun reported.

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