'I never listened': Man unknowingly passes Covid to 30 family members

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A Sydney dad has taken to TikTok urging people to get tested for Covid and be compliant with restrictions after his entire family caught the virus.

Harry Hammoud posted a video to TikTok last week explaining how he caught coronavirus, and because he displayed no symptoms, passed it on to about 30 other members of his family.

“My whole family has it and they’re all sick,” he says.

Harry Hammoud is pictured.
Harry Hammoud says he caught Covid but did not have any symptoms. Source: TikTok/ Harry Hammoud

“But me – nothing. So, if I never got tested I could’ve been walking around giving it to people.”

Mr Hammoud adds the lockdown is necessary and cites himself as an example. He only discovered he had the virus after having a “random check up” so he could show a negative test result “to go into somewhere”.

“Imagine if I hadn't gotten tested,” he said.

“I could’ve given it to hundreds, maybe thousands of people because I never listened to the lockdown but now I’m going to listen.

“I know it’s a little bit too late but I wish I did. I would not be in this mess right now hearing my mum’s body aching, my wife coughing or my daughter, thank God she’s good now, my one-and-a-half-year-old coughing.”

Mr Hammoud clarified in the comments section at one stage he did not believe in Covid and called himself “an idiot”.

It is not clear where exactly in Sydney Mr Hammoud resides.

But many in southwest and western Sydney have been subject to the harshest Covid-19 restrictions in NSW throughout the current outbreak, including curfews and having to show negative tests before leaving their LGA to go to work in another area.

Fortunately, many of those restrictions have now eased.

The wider Greater Sydney lockdown is expected to drastically ease in a number of weeks if the state manages to hit 70 per cent of its residents with two vaccinations.

As of Monday, NSW is at 53 per cent with two doses and 82.5 per cent with one.

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