'I have the new cheat box': Wrench-wielding protestor interrupts Volkswagen presentation

Krystal Johnson

A wrench-wielding prankster disrupted a Volkswagen glitzy media presentation mocking the company's image problem following an emissions scandal.

Dressed as a Volkswagen mechanic, holding a wrench and a prop labeled "cheat box," the comedian walks up on to the stage at the International Geneva Auto Show.

In German-accented English, the performer yells out: "Excuse me, I have the new cheat box".

“No one’s going to find out about this one, I’m just going to fit it now," he says walking himself over to the red display car.

Simon Brodkin can be seen creeping up on to the stage, interrupting the VW executive talking up their newest edition. Photo: WSJ
'I have the new cheat box'. Photo: WSJ

The prankster lowers himself beneath the car pretending to inspect it as VW executive Juergen Stackmann tries to pull him out while keeping calm.

"It doesn't need repairs. It's a perfect car," Stackmann replies as security guards whisk away the protester.

As the prankster leaves the stage he throws out one last thought simmering on the minds of those attending the presentation.

"Mr Mueller (referring to the company's CEO Matthias Mueller ) said it's OK as long as no one finds out about it," he says.

As the protestor is escorted off stage, Stackmann tells the crowd: “Volkswagen has apologized for the scandal and has vowed to fix the cars."

Afterward, Stackmann told The Associated Press: "Obviously we know at the moment that we are the brand that attracts a lot of attention and we have to live with that."

The VW executive fights back saying: 'The car doesn't need repairs it is in perfect condition'. Photo: WSJ
The protestor is escorted off the stage by security. Photo: WSJ

In September Volkswagen was exposed for using illegal software in its "Clean Diesel" engines, allowing the cars to pass laboratory emissions tests while spewing high levels of harmful nitrogen oxide when operating.

The company has since admitted that up to 11 million vehicles worldwide were affected by the scandal after revelations last fall from the US Justice Department.

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