'I have shed my first tear': Farmer's brutal realisation about drought life

A Queensland farmer has written a brutal post about drought life following the decision to put down a number of her livestock.

The woman wrote on Facebook that her family decided on Saturday to wean the calves which was “far too early” for her liking but had to happen as they can’t look after all the cattle.

Much of Queensland and NSW is currently crippled by drought with the November rainfall the lowest on record for Australia, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

The farmer added on Saturday, she made the “very sad” decision to cull a number of her cows.

“We just can’t carry some of these beautiful girls anymore,” she wrote.

A farmer wrote she's made the difficult decision to euthanise her cows (pictured) due to drought. Source: Facebook

“We were fortunate to be able to irrigate some feed up until now but our allocation is drying up.”

She conceded that Saturday “marks a very sad day for us”. 

“I have shed my first tears over this drought as I contemplate the fate of some of the most placid mummas I’ve had the pleasure of working with,” she wrote.

“My heart is full of love for our girls but I also hold every other person experiencing our worst drought in history in my heart and send love to each and everyone one of you.”

‘The drought defeated me’

People on Facebook sympathised with the woman and all those facing drought over the holidays.

“We all wish for a wet Christmas, no matter where in Australia you live,” one woman wrote.

Another wrote that she had to euthanise her cows as well.

“I understand your heartache,” she wrote. “Our final girls gone too sadly. The drought defeated me.”

Australia’s farmers have had to cope with some of the highest temperatures in the country’s history along with record-low rain. Along with horrific, sweltering heat it also emerged some farmers have been sent abusive letters, according to NSW Police.

Farmers signing up for unemployment allowance

Thousands in drought have also signed up for Newstart unemployment allowance.

The number of Newstart recipients in the 127 drought-declared local government areas across Australia has soared by almost 4000 since 2015.

More than 3200 people have signed onto the jobless benefit in the past 12 months alone.

There are now more than 57,200 Newstart recipients in drought-affected areas, according to answers to questions on notice submitted by Labor senators.

Drought-affected Bollon in southwest Queensland. Source: AAP

Labor's social services spokeswoman Linda Burney said the increase in drought-stricken regions came at the same time the Morrison government was touting an overall decrease in Newstart recipients.

"It's clear that our regions are bearing the brunt," Ms Burney said on Friday.

"An increase to Newstart would benefit our regions the most."

The government has long resisted widespread calls to raise the $40-a-day dole.

But several state and federal coalition MPs, including the NSW deputy premier, have argued raising the payment would stimulate regional economies during the drought.

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