'I feel so sick': Woolworths shopper stunned by 'concerning' find in juice

Nadine Carroll
·2-min read

A Woolworths customer’s craving for a fruit drink has left her feeling sick after she discovered what was floating inside the Golden Circle fruit juice.

“What is this?” the Queensland shopper asked on the Woolworths Facebook page, sharing images of Orange Burst fruit juice with a mysterious green sludge appearing to pour out of the container.

“Bought from Warner Woolworths and still in date. I feel so sick!” she posted.

Social media users responded and were baffled by what was in the container.

The mystery green sludge found inside the drink purchased from Woolworths.
'Yuck': A Woolworths customer got a shock when she opened the juice. Source: Facebook

“Oh yuck. My stomach would be too. So was it suppose to be pineapple juice?” one person asked.

“That’s what came out of the Golden Circle container... I'd just put it in the fridge but it started leaking so tipped it out, my tummy is churning” the Woolworths customer replied.

“It may have had a minute seal break somewhere. That's not normal,” one user suggested.

The customer responded stating the container was “completely intact”.

“Ewww, clear containers from now on,” a user replied.

In response to the upset customer a Woolworths spokesperson commented apologising and described the find as “concerning”.

“We always want to provide the best quality products, so seeing the quality of the juice is awfully disappointing and we're sorry about this,” the supermarket worker replied.

“We've raised this to the team who looks after this product because we're always looking to improve”.

Woolworths offered to refund or replace the product if the customer returned it to a store with the product or receipt.

A spokesperson for the supermarket told Yahoo News they were currently unaware of any similar complaints on fruit juice products.

Yahoo News Australia contacted Golden Circle for comment.

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