'I am missing half my toe': Fantastic Furniture recalls 100,000 chairs after 11-year-old's toe 'sliced off'

Krystal Johnson

An 11-year-old boy has had his toe ‘sliced off’ after hitting the inner corner of a Fantastic Furniture chair, which has since been recalled.

The edges on the bottom of the $39 chair known as "Worx'" are so sharp they have ripped the toes off two people, the latest being Trae McGovern, 11.

The Gold Coast boy was at weekend barbecue on handing out food when he hit the inner corner of the Fantastic Furniture chair in October last year.

Trae McGovern had his two split in two after he hopped off a chair to hand out food during a weekend barbecue on the Gold Coast. Photo: Sunrise
The 11-year-old boy's mother passed out after her son's toe fell out of the base of the Fantastic Furniture chair. Photo: Sunrise

Without realising the damage, Trae’s mother, Jaclyn Gross, yelled at him to “get up".

Trae yelled out to his mother saying: "I am missing half my toe!”

"We then started searching for the top of his toe and when we tipped the chair upside down the base of the chair tipped out the other half," Ms Cross told Sunrise.

The boy from Ormeau Hills underwent reconstructive surgery but the part of his second toe that was sliced off could not be reattached.

Approximately 100,000 chairs will be recalled on Monday. They are currently still listed on the Fantastic Furniture website. Photo: Fantastic
Jaclyn Cross and her son Trae told Sunrise that the chairs should have been recalled months ago when a similar incident happened. Photo: Sunrise

Ms Cross told Sunrise that she passed out after seeing the toe fall from the base of the chair and claimed the whole incident could of been avoided if the chair was recalled earlier.

“It definitely could have been avoided if they just did a recall when the original incident happened six months earlier,” she told Sunrise.

“It’s taken a someone else to lose a toe before they did anything about it.”

The first incident happened in April, where Fairfield West man Mark Bulman tripped over the chair in his kitchen.

Mark Bulman, pictured with his family, had one toe severed when he tripped over the chair. Photo: Facebook

The sharp metal on the leg of the chair sliced the middle toe on his left foot clean off.

“I’m still not used to having no toe,” Mr Bulman told the Daily Telegraph.

“You expect to feel something and you can’t; but there’s a phantom feeling.”

The $230 million company CEO Debra Singh said there is a ‘potential issue’ with the chair.

“We want to mitigate any future incidents,” she told the Telegraph.

The $230 million company said their is a potential issue with the chair. Photo: Supplied
Fantastic Furniture CEO said there is a 'potential issue' with the chair, involving a design flaw along the legs of the chair. Photo: Fantastic Furniture

Customers who have already purchased the design will have to request a modification to the chair to make the design safer. Alternatively they can request a refund.

Mrs Singh said the chair passed safety tests after the first incident.