Husky dies in plane cargo hold after 'running out of oxygen'

A dog has died after reportedly being deprived of oxygen on an 11-hour flight.

The pooch, believed to be a husky, was found dead in the cargo hold on board an Air France-KLM jetliner in Los Angeles on Tuesday, TMZ reports.

The plane arrived from Amsterdam after about 11 hours.

An Air France employee told the publication the dog was “incorrectly” loaded into the cargo hold and lost oxygen during the flight.

A dog, believed to be a husky, has died reportedly after being deprived of oxygen on board an Air France-KLM flight from Amsterdam to Los Angeles. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

The owner reportedly picked the dog up from Air France’s LAX warehouse and found her canine dead.

A spokesperson for KLM told TMZ in a statement the dog was loaded correctly according to the airline’s pet policy but it’s not known what caused the pooch’s death.

The airline’s staff also offered condolences.

According to the airline’s rules, dogs and cats weighing up to eight kilograms can travel in the cabin.

Anything over 8kg but under 75kg has to go in the hold.

Air France-KLM has been contacted for comment.

The airline is investigating the dog’s death but a spokesperson said the dog was placed correctly in the cargo hold. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

In December, a French Bulldog named Bruno was found dead in his carrier at Sydney Airport.

He was being flown home from Townsville.

In March last year, another French Bulldog died from suffocation after being stored in an overhead locker during a three-and-a-half-hour flight from Houston to Chicago.

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