Husband tells his wife he wants a baby every single day: ‘At least I know he will be the best dad of all time’

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This TikToker shared a video showing how much her husband wants a baby, and it’s cuteness overload!

TikToker Whitney Oliver (@whit.oliver) is a Utah-based videographer, content creator, and newlywed who shares fun videos of daily life with her husband, Max, and their family. Recently, Oliver posted a video montage depicting how Max frequently shows her how much he wants to have a baby, and it’s got hearts melting all over TikTok.

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The clip begins with a shot of Oliver facing the camera. The words, “POV: my husband tells me he wants to have a baby… every single day,” appear on-screen as Oliver casually takes a sip of water and looks at the camera with a bemused expression.

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At this point, the video cuts to a montage of Max interacting with various babies of family and friends, beginning with a shot of him beaming as he holds an adorable baby in a front-facing carrier. In the following footage, Max is lying on a bed as a smiling baby, wearing an adorable plaid onesie, plays with his beard.

Clearly, Max has a way with children of all ages, as the next shot shows him holding a toddler and playfully lifting her in the air while she giggles in delight.

As if Oliver’s video montage couldn’t get any cuter, the subsequent clip reveals Max walking hand in hand with a little girl. When she reaches her hand up to offer him a lick of her lollipop, Max sweetly bends down to sample a taste.

Oliver’s video closes with a clip of Max cradling a baby wrapped in a blanket and showing them off to the camera, followed by a final shot of him sitting on a couch and holding a child in each arm.

Oliver’s precious video unleashed a wave of baby fever on TikTok, with multiple viewers expressing how they now want a baby of their own.

“If you don’t give him a baby, I will,” one user joked.

“All of us collectively just got pregnant,” quipped another TikToker.

“Uterus. Is. Screaming,” one hopeful parent shared.

All jokes aside, there’s no question that Max will be a great dad!

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