Husband killed after crashing into wife while zip-lining on honeymoon

A newlywed man has been killed while his bride remains in a serious condition after they crashed into each other on a zip line while on their honeymoon.

Egael Tishman, 24, and his wife Shif Fanken, 27, from Israel, were visiting the Bay Islands, a northern Honduran archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, as part of a honeymoon cruise. 

The couple were at a popular zip line tourist attraction that crosses a treetop canopy on the island of Roatan when tragedy struck. 

Chief firefighter Wilmer Guerrero told the media the couple had arrived on a cruise ship to try the zip line ride, “but the woman got stuck halfway along and her husband came rushing behind her and they collided”.

Egael Tishman was killed on a zip-line in the Caribbean after crashing into his wife, Shif Fanken (pictured), on their honeymoon. Source: CEN

The Israeli couple were rushed to hospital where the husband died shortly afterwards.

Ms Fanken, who remains in serious condition, was transferred by plane to a hospital in the US.

There have been no further updates on her current status.

Honduran authorities are investigating the incident while the zip line company has promised to assist them with their enquiries. 

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said that it is arranging for Mr Tishman’s body to be flown back to his home country.

Earlier this year, officials in Honduras and Paraguay announced they were ready to relocate their embassies in Israel to Jerusalem on the condition that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes an official visit to both countries.

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