Husband 'Hurt and Angry' After Wife of 14 Years Wants to Exchange Her Wedding Ring for a Larger Stone

In a post shared to Reddit, an anonymous man says that his wife was initially "over the moon" about her engagement ring, but now she wants a upgrade

<p>Getty</p> Stock image of diamond engagement ring and wedding band.


Stock image of diamond engagement ring and wedding band.

One husband is upset that his wife wants to trade in her wedding ring in exchange for something bigger and better.

In a post shared to Reddit, an anonymous man says that his wife was initially "over the moon" when he presented her with her engagement ring and popped the question, but after years of marriage, the man's wife now wants a larger sparkler.

"When we were dating, she had a very specific engagement ring in mind that was honestly hard for me to purchase. She was over the moon about it," he writes.

<p>Getty</p> Groom putting ring on bride's hand


Groom putting ring on bride's hand

Later, he purchased the matching wedding band, noting that it was "also very expensive for me," adding that "again she was super happy, especially after the two rings were joined together."

"Around year 7 she started hinting heavily that she wanted a matching wedding band for the other side of her engagement ring for our 10 year anniversary," he writes.

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At this point, the matching band was "a much more manageable purchase," he writes, and he was able to surprise his wife with the third ring.

"Yet again, she was ecstatic," he writes.

Fast-forward to 2024, and things have changed.

"Well, now she's telling me that she wants to trade in her ring (which keep in mind is actually 3 rings joined together - engagement ring, wedding band, and the 10-yr anniversary band) to get something bigger," the husband writes in the Reddit post.

<p>Getty</p> Wedding cake spouses turning their backs to each other


Wedding cake spouses turning their backs to each other

When he first learned that his wife wanted to get rid of the rings, he "thought she was joking because she knows how difficult it was for me to afford the first two perfect rings, and how difficult it was to find the third matching ring."

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"When I realized she wasn't joking, I skipped right past confusion to feeling hurt and honestly a bit angry," he adds. "We're well enough off now that we can buy a new ring for her without trading in her existing rings, but she would rather trade them in. I know that they are her rings and she can do whatever she wants with them, but it still hurts."

The husband ended his post with a query to the internet, wondering if he's in the wrong for "thinking she should keep her wedding ring."

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Commentiers weighed in on the situation in the comments.

"While she is the one wearing the rings, those rings have sentiments, you had to work hard to get them, had to pick them out, and miraculously found a perfect fit to complete the set, each of those achievements comes with memories, maybe try explaining that to her?" wrote one person.

Another commenter weighed in similarly, writing, "These rings represent significant moments in your relationship and the journey you've shared together. It's natural to be hurt by her decision, especially considering the effort, thought, and love you put into each ring."

Another was a little more straightforward, writing, "I think the rings would have a sentimental value, but apparently, she only sees them as a status thing."

One user noted that the man and his wife simply may view the situation differently. "It doesn't sound like your wife is doing this maliciously; it sounds like she thinks of these rings more like regular jewelry than you do."

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