Hurricane Irma Tears Roof Off Riviera Beach Apartment Block

At least 60 people were evacuated from Stonybrook Apartments in Riviera Beach, Florida, on September 10, after two buildings had sustained significant roof damage.

Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas Masters said in a Facebook Live update, that he received a call from a tenant about roof damage and water entering the apartment units. The call came shortly after it was announced public safety vehicles had been taken off the road due to Hurricane Irma. Masters said the emergency response team made the choice to go out and respond to the call. Upon arrival, they found a fire had started in one of the units.

An armoured SWAT vehicle was used to evacuate about 60 people from the low-income housing complex. Other tenants concerned about potential damage to their units also evacuated voluntarily. Credit: RBFR PIO-87 via Storyful