Amazing 150-year-old relic uncovered by Hurricane Dorian

A couple of treasure hunters made the amazing discovery of 150-year-old US Civil War relics unearthed following Hurricane Dorian, which wreaked havoc in the Bahamas killing at least 45 people and causing widespread damage,

Aaron Lattin and his girlfriend found a 20cm cannonball and a smaller 7.6cm shell, on Sunday at Folly Beach, near Charleston, South Carolina.

Hurricane Dorian was one of the most powerful Caribbean storms on record, with 320km/h winds. The storm swept up the US east coast after hitting the Bahamas on September 1

A Civil War-era cannonball and shell have been found in the sand, in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. Source: Live5 News/WCSC

Mr Lattin told WCSC News he wanted to get a metal detector to search for artefacts after the hurricane, but he stumbled upon the find without any equipment at all.

"At first we just thought it was a rock, but the more we got looking we realised that it was something more than a rock," he said.

The couple called authorities, who cordoned off the area until explosive ordnance disposal experts were able to determine they were safe.

Three years ago, 16 Civil War cannonballs were unearthed at the same South Carolina beach after Hurricane Matthew.

The first shots of the Civil War were fired at nearby Fort Sumter in 1861.

The 150-year-old Civil War-era cannonballs were found at Folly Beach, South Carolina. Source: Live5 News/WCSC

Search for bodies in devastated Bahamas

Rescue workers wearing white hazard suits are carrying out a grim search for bodies and survivors in the hurricane-ravaged Bahamas.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force said at least 45 people died the Bahamas as the fierce storm tossed cars and planes around like toys. The death toll is likely climb.

Bahamian officials said 4800 people had been evacuated from the archipelago's several islands, most from Abaco.

Three years ago these Civil War-era cannonballs were found on Folly Beach, in South Carolina, after Hurricane Matthew. Source: Charleston County Sheriff's Office via AP

Dorian was one of the most powerful Caribbean storms on record, a Category 5 hurricane with winds of 320km/h.

It rampaged over the Bahamas for nearly two days, becoming the worst disaster in the nation's history. Large swaths of Greater Abaco Island were destroyed.

Relief agencies are working to deliver food and supplies over flooded roads and piles of debris.

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