Hurricane Agatha kills 10 in south Mexico

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Hurricane Agatha has caused flooding and mudslides that killed at least 10 people and left 20 missing, the governor of the southern state of Oaxaca says.

Rivers overflowed and swept away people in homes, while other victims were buried under mud and rocks, Governor Alejando Murat says.

"There were fundamentally two reasons" for the deaths, Murat told local media on Tuesday. "There were rivers that overflowed, and on the other hand, and the most serious part, were landslides."

Murat said the deaths appeared to be concentrated in a number of small towns in the mountains, just inland from the coast. But he said there were also reports of three children missing near the resort of Huatulco.

Agatha made history as the strongest hurricane ever recorded to come ashore in May during the eastern Pacific hurricane season.

It made landfall on Monday afternoon on a sparsely populated stretch of small beach towns and fishing villages in Oaxaca.

It was a strong category two hurricane, with maximum sustained winds of 169km/h, but it quickly lost power moving inland over the mountainous interior. Remnants of Agatha were moving northeast on Tuesday into Veracruz state.

Murat said power had been restored to some communities near the coast, but some bridges had been washed out and mudslides blocked a number of highways.

San Isidro del Palmar, only a couple miles inland from the coast, was swamped by the Tonameca river that flows through town.

Nearby, heavy rain and high winds lashed the beach town of Zipolite.

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