HUR debunks Kremlin's claim of Crocus City Hall shooters heading to Ukraine

Burnt Crocus City Hall
Burnt Crocus City Hall

The narrative of Ukrainian involvement in the recent mass shooting in Moscow is a clear fabrication, Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) spokesperson Andriy Yusov said on national television on March 23.

"You don't need to be a security expert to do this," Yusov said.

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“A full-scale war has been going on for more than two years, and the border areas are saturated with enemy troops, special agents, representatives of special services, and security forces. The borderline is mined, and surveillance is conducted by all means, including aerial reconnaissance, on both sides. Such regions as Belgorod and Kursk are now a zone of active hostilities after the recent events. And, of course, this version does not stand up to criticism, everyone in the world understands this, except perhaps the zombie Russian population.”

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Yusov noted that the Russian special services have a history of organizing attacks on their own territory, such as the 1999 apartment bombings in Moscow, which are widely believed to have been orchestrated by now-Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in order to launch a war on Chechnya.

"Now there is every indication that we are dealing with such activities of the Russian special services," he said.

“It is likely to be followed by hysteria, tightening of the screws, and elimination of even formal remnants of civil rights and freedoms.”

Yusov noted, however, that this will not have a significant impact on the course of the war.

"Mobilization activities on the territory of the aggressor state have not stopped for a single day,” he explained.

“Therefore, it will not affect anything globally. But yes, the internal degree of hysteria and internal mobilization in Russia can indeed be increased, although the rhetoric of propagandists is already as neo-Nazi and aggressive as possible: it is difficult to imagine where it can go even higher.”

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He also expressed the opinion that Russia will try to use the attack to change the situation in the international arena.

"Putin's regime will try to turn the image of the aggressor, as Russia is currently perceived in the world, into the image of a victim," Yusov said.

“It is very important to remember that it is the Putin regime's activities that, in most cases, lead to either organized terrorist attacks by the regime itself or to the failure of the special services to fulfill their duties. Despite the fact that the world warned about the threat of such incidents on the territory of the Russian Federation, the Putin regime either did nothing to prevent it or was involved in organizing these terrorist acts.”

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