HUR chief Budanov won’t let investigation into wife’s poisoning ‘slide’, her condition now normal

Marianna and Kyrylo Budanov
Marianna and Kyrylo Budanov

Commenting on the poisoning of his wife Marianna, the head of Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence (HUR), Kyrylo Budanov, said that she is now in a more or less normal condition, and the investigation is "progressing."

During an interview with the BBC on April 22, the spymaster said that there will be answers in this case, but it is too early to give them.

Asked whether there are any detainees, Budanov said:

"What detentions? This is not serious. I never play these games. But this is my wife, so I will not let it slide,” he said.

The investigation is progressing, and his wife's condition is assessed as normal.

"She has been stabilized, most of the toxins have been removed," said Budanov.

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The spy chief also rejected the version that he was the target of the poisoning.

"No, their logic is clear – my wife is very important to me," he said.

“That's all. And they correctly assessed her influence. But, as you can see, God is with us, and nothing will happen.”

Marianna Budanova's poisoning

NV's intelligence sources reported on Nov. 29 that Marianna Budanova was poisoned with heavy metals, in particular arsenic and mercury. The poisoning was noticed in time, so serious consequences were avoided.

The source noted that the woman could have been poisoned through food. Marianna currently needs medical supervision.

According to the sources, not only Budanov's wife but also other HUR employees could have been poisoned.

The New York Times reported that the poisoning of Marianna Budanova could indicate that Russian agents are operating closer to the Ukrainian government than previously thought.

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