Hunter McGrady and Mikayla Holmgren discuss being ‘firsts’ in modeling industry: ‘Everyone deserves to be celebrated’

In this Yahoo Life series model, designer and activist Hunter McGrady sits down with the most influential voices of the industry to discuss the issues of today from body positivity to feminism and the All Worthy movement. Regarding this latest episode, which features Mikayla Holmgren, she said:

"Making my Sports Illustrated Swimsuit debut in 2017 changed my life, as I became a household name for the growing body positive movement. But with progress comes pressure, especially when considered a "first" within an industry of exclusivity and limited representation — something that Mikayla Holmgren is no stranger to and certainly not fearful of. The 26-year-old tells me that she's a model, dancer and activist with "a little bit of Down Syndrome on the side" who is working to break boundaries when it comes to representation of people with disabilities in mainstream media."

Watch the video above to learn more about Mikayla's inspiring story.