Hungry girl steals the spotlight from lovebirds in kiss cam hijacking

Hungry girl steals the spotlight from lovebirds in kiss cam hijacking

Why choose between two great things?

The Atlanta Hawks Kiss Cam caught a sports fan sharing a steamy smooch with not one, but two slices of pizza, stealing the spotlight from a kissing couple in the bleacher below.

The unidentified woman was armed with a slice in each hand as she watched the Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks playoffs last Saturday. While her friend signaled for her to slow down, the crowds cheered her on and she quickly became the real winner of the night.

Although her cringing BFF and the awkward positioning of the camera has many questioning whether it's all a hoax, fans are still declaring "Pizza Girl" a hero.

Many viewers later took to the comments section of the video to profess their undying love for her.

"Any girl who loves pizza that much is a keeper," one viewer on YouTube wrote.

Another person tweeted "Marry me, Pizza Girl," appropriately followed by emojis of two pizzas and hearts.

"This girl is the hero we needed in the world," another tweeted.

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Unfortunately, her less-than-encouraging friend did not share her spotlight.

"Pizza Girl doesn't need friends like that," someone tweeted.

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