Hundreds offer to take in abandoned baby left in box on medical centre doorstep

Hundreds have come forward offering to adopt a newborn baby boy found abandoned outside a Perth medical centre.

The baby boy was taken to Perth Children’s Hospital after being found in a box in front of a medical centre at Booragoon, in the city’s south, on Wednesday morning.

Police have said that the baby, who the mother’s note said, is named Raheil, appears to be in good health. He had his umbilical cord still attached.

WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said authorities are concerned about the “welfare and the health” of Raheil’s mother.

The baby boy was taken to Perth Children’s Hospital after being found in Booragoon on Wednesday morning. Source: 7 News

Seven News has been inundated with messages of support for her along with offers to take in little Raheil.

“Ready to adopt with all my heart and soul,” one woman wrote on Seven’s Facebook page.

“How do we adopt this baby?” another wrote.

Others offered their sympathy for the mum.

“My heart … she even wrote a letter and named the little fella Raheil,” one woman wrote.  

“She loves him and for whatever reason she had to give him away, I feel for her.”

The infant’s mother left a note alongside the baby pleading for someone to take care of her child. Source: 7News

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and WA Premier Mark McGowan also voiced their concerns about the mum.

“I urge the mother to come forward. All people want to do is support her,” Mr McGowan said.

“Come forward. Get some medical treatment. Get some medical attention.

“People want to help you.”

Police have received a number of leads in the search for Raheil’s mum and are looking at CCTV.

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