Hundreds of Civilians Evacuated to Hama, Opposition Groups Report

At least 900 civilians were transported to Hama province after evacuating East Ghouta as part of deal between opposition and pro-regime forces, according to reports from anti-government news and activist groups on March 25.

The announcement comes two days after a convoy of rebel fighters and their families arrived at the same area from Harasta on March 23 as part of an evacuation deal reached between the group Ahrar al-Sham and the Syrian government and its allies. Under the deal, those evacuated were expected to continue on to final destinations in Idlib province.

The Syrian Civil Defense, who posted this video, described the convoy as being from Irbin, next to Harasta, and said that more than 100 of those that arrived at Hama had been injured in bombing attacks before they left. However, officials talking to SMART news agency said that more than 200 people from the convoy were injured. Credit: Syrian Civil Defense in Idlib Governorate via Storyful