Hundreds Of Military Families Sign Letter In Support Of Joe Biden

Lydia O'Connor
·2-min read

More than 300 military families signed a letter Friday endorsing Joe Biden for president, saying he’s “intimately familiar” with their experiences, while President Donald Trump has “made a mockery” of their ideals.

Organized by the group Military Families for Biden, the open letter, addressed to all Americans, takes aim at some of Trump’s most controversial moments.

“When the White House threatens to use the military to ‘dominate’ the streets, he puts our service members against their peaceful fellow citizens and the First Amendment,” they wrote, referencing Trump’s unprecedented threats to unleash the military on anti-racism protesters this summer.

“When our foreign policy abandoned allies we have fought side by side with for years, as happened with the Kurds in Syria, Donald Trump makes a mockery of the loyalty that we prize,” the letter continued. Trump was widely condemned for greenlighting a Turkish military operation that jeopardized the lives of U.S.-allied Kurdish forces fighting the self-described Islamic State in northern Syria last year.

The letter praises Biden, whose two sons both served in the military, and his wife Dr. Jill Biden as “staunch advocates” for service members, veterans and their families and caregivers, citing his early advocacy for Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange and other toxins in the line of duty.

Julie Luckey, an Army spouse from North Carolina, said in a statement with the letter that endorsing Biden was easy.

“There is no doubt in my mind or conflict in my heart that we are at a crossroads in history, and that the current Administration has not served the Nation well in bringing us together as Americans,” said Luckey, a senior adviser to Military Families for Biden.

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