Hundreds of Ethiopians march on parliament

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Hundreds of Ethiopians have gathered in Canberra to show support for the people of Oromia, who they say are suffering injustices at the hands of the African nation's government.

The protesters descended on Parliament House on Friday to demand action in response to ongoing ethnic violence.

They called for an end to a "war" on Oromo people and the freedom of political prisoners.

The Oromo are Ethiopia's largest ethnic group and the Amhara are its second largest.

Their neighbouring regions share a border, and civilians from both sides have been attacked in recent months.

Ethiopia is struggling to control several flashpoints where ethnic rivalries over land, power and resources have ignited ahead national elections in June.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has promised to hold free and fair polls.

But the violent conflicts have raised questions about the Nobel Peace Prize winner's ability to hold the country's divided ethnic groups together.