Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness' 'gut-wrenching' divorce process

The Aussie couple shocked fans by announcing they were separating over the weekend.

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness shocked fans when they announced they were splitting after 27 years together.

Now, an insider has spilled to US Weekly about the ‘gut-wrenching’ divorce process the pair have to go through, saying that they’re planning on ‘splitting their real estate down the middle’.

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness at the MET Gala
Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness announced their separation over the weekend. Photo: Getty Images

“Their lives were so interwoven, so it’s an extremely tricky and gut-wrenching process dividing everything up and figuring out who gets what in terms of assets and finances,” the insider said.

When it comes to Hugh’s reported $180 million fortune the insider claims: “That’s what they need to work out.

“The [divorce] filing will be formalized in due course, but before that happens, their aim is to come to an agreement. They’re determined to [do this] as amicably as possible.”


Deborra-Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman on Zoom
Hugh and Deb are going through the process of splitting their assets. Photo: Getty Images

Aussie insider slams ‘stupid’ rumours

It comes after Australian entertainment journalist Peter Ford said he’s not buying into all the rumours.

Appearing on 6PR Breakfast with Millsy and Karl, he said the Jackmans always seemed like such a devoted couple, but that 27 years in a marriage - let alone a 'showbusiness' marriage' - is a long time.

"I've heard all the rumours, I don't buy into any of those," he said.

"27 years of marriage in a showbusiness marriage, that's a long time, that's like 186 years in real people's terms. It's not the most uncommon scenario for a couple in their 50s and 60s that once the kids are off their hands, they decide the glue that held this together isn't there anymore and we're going to go our separate paths," Ford explained.

"Some of the stuff I read over the weekend is just too stupid, I keep reading this story where someone said 'the cracks were beginning to show when Deborra-Lee was never at rehearsals for The Music Man' — why would she be, she wasn't in it!"

Hugh Jackman and Deborah Lee Furness hugging
The couple had been together for 27 years before deciding to part ways. Photo: Getty Images

Hugh speaks out

The couple said in their original statement that they would make no further comments on their split at this time.

However, while out-and-about in New York earlier this week, Hugh was cornered by a TMZ paparazzi, who quizzed the Wolverine star on 'what kind of individual growth he's pursuing next?'.

A clearly unimpressed Hugh responded: "It doesn't feel quite right talking about it on the street but I appreciate your thoughts man, thank you. It's a difficult time."

Hugh's appearance came amid reports that the star has been left ‘devastated’ by the breakdown of his marriage.

A source close to the Australian actor told Page Six the star is “very sad’ after the couple announced they were going their separate ways.

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