Huge snake found at popular Sydney beach

A huge snake was found at a popular Sydney beach, alarming people on their morning walks.

Two council workers were on an early morning walk when they spotted the diamond python at Balmoral Beach and alerted rangers on Monday.

The almost two metre long diamond python was seen between the Bathers Pavillion and the swimming club at the northern Sydney beach, before council rangers captured the reptile.

“Mosman Council rangers came to the assistance of a diamond python who was caught on the hop at Balmoral Beach on Monday,” Mosman Council posted on Facebook on Thursday.

The snake was spotted by two council workers (not pictured) on Monday. Source: Facebook/Living Mosman

“The snake had left a trail on the beach which indicated it had been in the water,” Mosman Council’s ranger said.

Angus Clark, 14, told local blog, Mosman Collective, that he spotted the snake on Sunday afternoon.

“It was the last thing I expected to see at Balmoral and at first we thought we were seeing things,” the boy told the blog.

“I reckon its head was as big as my fist and it was as thick as my upper arm, so yep, I’d call it a pretty massive snake.”

Wildlife experts were also called in and identified the snake as a diamond python, a Mosman Council spokesperson told Yahoo7.

The experts took the snake to a veterinarian and it was later released into bushland,

The diamond python at Balmoral Beach. Source: Facebook/Living Mosman
Mosman Council rangers captured the diamond python at Balmoral Beach. Source: Facebook/Living Mosman