Huge python pregnant with 100 eggs caught on family's property

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A massive snake weighing more than 100 kilograms has been wrangled by two people after it was spotted moving through a family’s property.

The Burmese python, measured to be just under five metres, was traversing Aaron Brown’s property in the US state of Florida this week while pregnant with 100 eggs, Fox 13 reported.

Mr Brown was driving with his mum when he noticed something unusual on the side of the road.

“I drove past it and said, 'That's a big snake.' I had my mother with me and she said, 'Well, get out and get it.' I said, 'You get out and get it. If that joker catches me, you can’t help me’,” he told the network.

Three people lie out to show the length of the snake.
The python was measured to be almost five metres long after it was killed. Source: Fox 13

Mr Brown called in his cousin, William Wilkinson, for backup and after a lengthy struggle with the mammoth reptile the pair hooked and shot the snake.

“Once we got him pulled out, it was like, 'My God! What a snake!’” Mr Wilkinson said.

“We measured him and laid him down, and the two kids down beside him, to get a rough idea and ended up finding a tape measure.”

The snake was found to be 16 feet and four inches, which equates to just under five metres.

They called local snake catcher Dusty Crum who praised the efforts of the duo for stopping “an invasion by eliminating a big breeding snake like that”.

“We are down in the Everglades trying to stop these pythons from migrating further north in all directions,” Mr Crum said.

He took the snake and skinned it, discovering the 100 eggs in the process.

100 eggs ‘not uncommon’

Sam Chatfield, head of reptiles for Wildlife ARC, said the snake catcher’s discovery was not uncommon.

She said it was possible for a “very successful” female Burmese python “that’s living very well” to be carrying 100 eggs.

“I don’t believe that’s unusual at all, it’s a very large snake,” Ms Chatfield told Yahoo News Australia.

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