Huge landslide blocks popular Queensland beach

A landslide has pushed hundreds of tonnes of sand, trees and debris across a popular four-wheel driving beach.

Rainbow Beach, in Queensland’s Wide Bay region, is known for its colourful cliffs and wide sandy beaches and 4WD access.

On Thursday, a section of the steep sand dunes collapsed, covering the beach below.

Surf and Sand Safaris tour guide Greg Lewis told Yahoo7 he had driven past the site earlier in the day and the cliff was still standing.

The landslide covered the beach. Source: Facebook/Meagan Cornelissen

When returning later in the day with the tour group, he noticed the landslide had taken over the beach.

“We got around it okay, about an hour before low tide,” he told Yahoo7.

The popularity of the beach is rapidly rising, with 212,000 estimated visitors in 2016 and 275,000 in 2017.

It is believed no one was injured in the landslide.

“You’ve got to be pretty unlucky to get hit by one of those,” Mr Lewis said.

Yahoo7 has attempted to contact Gympie Regional Council.