Huge fire in Khabarovsk mall, 270 people evacuated — video

Burning shopping mall in Khabarovsk
Burning shopping mall in Khabarovsk

A massive fire broke out on the roof of the Remicity shopping mall in Khabarovsk, Russia, prompting the evacuation of 270 people, Russian Telegram channel Careful, News reported on May 4.

There is no information about the victims yet.

The Telegram channel Shot reports a massive column of thick, acrid smoke rising from the area, visible for kilometers around the incident site. Rescuers assigned fire an increased degree of difficulty.

The Mash Telegram channel wrote that fire started in pizzeria's air vent, after which it spread to the roof of building.

They later stated that open flames were extinguished across a 1,100-square-meter area, averting the threat of further spread.

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Russia is on fire

A large-scale fire broke out in Voronezh, Russia, at a factory covering an area of 3,000 square meters on April 22.

A 1200-square-meter industrial building caught fire on Aprl 22 in Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Moscow Oblast. That night fire also occurred in St. Petersburg.

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Russian Uralmash machine-building plant in Yekaterinburg caught fire on April 1, resulting in the collapse of the building's roof. This prominent machine-building company produces equipment for Russia's metallurgical, mining, and energy sectors.

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