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Huge $1000 penalty for driver of Holden ute with bizarre modification

The unusual car caught the attention of police officers who pulled the vehicle over.

A Victorian man is facing a penalty of more than $1000 after police caught sight of his "solar powered" Holden ute.

The 40-year-old driver was pulled over at about 4.30pm last Thursday on Stud Rd, Scoresby. Highway patrol officers stopped the driver of the ute due to its lack of number plates, a Yarra Ranges Police Service Area Facebook post said.

Two photo of the self-made 'solar powered' Holden ute that was stopped by Victorian Police after being spotted without number plates.
A Victorian driver of a self-made 'solar powered' Holden ute copped a $1,006 penalty after being stopped for driving without number plates. Source: Facebook

Officers soon found out the driver was also unlicensed and the car was unregistered. "The man was arrested on an unrelated bench warrant and his vehicle was later impounded for 30 days at a cost of $1,006," the post said.

"He will be invited along to the Magistrates Court at a future date to explain his actions."

Social media users react to holden's bizarre modification

The car in question had 'solar panels' plastered all over the ute, drawing mixed reactions from social media users.

Some labelled the driver a "genius" for his "innovative" attempt at being environmentally friendly, while others thought he was a "clown".

"Elon (Musk) has a rival competitor," one person joked.

"Didn't know Holden had solar power cars," another said.

"Hardly discreet, you’d think no reg, no licence and an outstanding warrant he’d do everything possible to blend in and not draw attention to himself," a third person commented.

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