How woman was 'accused of shoplifting' over a simple shopping mistake

A woman has been pulled up by undercover police accused of stealing after a simple shopping mistake caused supermarket staff to raise an alarm.

The shopper was at the end of a busy shopping trip when as she left her third store, she was ambushed by officers who had been tipped off by staff at North Lakes Shopping Centre in Brisbane.

She claimed the reason she drew attention was because she hadn’t purchased bags at Kmart or Big W prior to her trip to Target on Wednesday.

Instead, she kept all her purchased items in her trolley and held onto their receipts.

“By the time I left the third store after the lady at the checkout checked my stuff, I got around the corner and BAM I had undercover cops pull me up,” the woman wrote in a post to a local community Facebook page.

The woman said she was pulled up at North Lakes Shopping centre in Brisbane. Source: Getty Images/Peter ElectricianNorthLakes

She claimed an employee had called police to tell them she had stolen items in her trolley.

“So they ask to check everything, and I even had to pull out my new bra and undies for all to see, and show that I bought them on my online banking as well.”

The woman was frustrated that her photo was taken and would now be kept on record.

“Not happy about that as I did nothing bloody wrong. So people, be careful,” she said.

More than 100 people shared their thoughts in comments to the post, many expressing empathy and others thanking the woman for the warning.

The woman had been perusing Kmart and Big W ahead of being pulled up outside Target. Source: File/AAP

“I’m glad the police were there but wow, that’s a bit full on,” one person wrote.

“I would be livid too if I was in your situation,” another said.

Some were confused at to why the woman’s photo was taken, which a Facebook user suggested might have something to do with police checking for prior offences.

The woman stressed she was not concerned over being questioned by police, but more-so that a record had been kept of their interaction.

“I didn’t care that they searched my stuff... I was only annoyed that they took my picture as I don’t like my picture taken any other time,” she wrote.

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