How to make $456 in 60 minutes from your lounge room

woman's body on gray background. The nude woman back
Would you model for an art class? Image: Getty

How comfortable are you in your body?

If the answer is, ‘I wish clothes were optional,’ this could be the ultimate side hustle. A global crafting community is on the hunt for a confident person to be a nude ‘life crafting’ model via Zoom.

“We wanted to hire a member of the public for our life crafting event as it’s such a unique opportunity for someone to experience,” digital content manager at LoveCrafts Milly Youngs said.

“Plus, there’s the added bonus of earning some money from the comfort of your own home!”

The successful applicant will receive £250 (AU$456) for the hour of posing, with LoveCrafts particularly keen to work with people who identify as non-binary, plus-sized or people with disabilities.

“So, if you’re not shy about showing a bit of flesh and love the idea of being the muse for 150 artists then please apply.”

The successful applicant will be required to pose from home while up to 150 virtual crafting participants sketch or craft the figure over a Zoom connection.

They will need to be older than 18 and able to hold a pose for 15 minutes.

The event will take place on 27 August at 8pm BST (5am AEST) and will be led by life drawing tutor Brogan Bertie who will guide the participants through life drawing and crafting.

“This crafty life drawing session will be a fun and relaxing hour where we reference our model’s poses to create whatever we want,” Bertie said, noting p participants can use cross stitching, embroidering or even paper crafting to create the finished product.

“We can draw, use embroidery, collage, anything you feel like! Experimentation is encouraged! You don’t have to have done life drawing before; beginners are incredibly welcome.”

Here’s where you can apply or sign up to the class.

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