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'Nowhere else to run': How the world is covering Australia's bushfires

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Australia’s bushfires have made headlines around the world ahead of Saturday’s “unprecedented” extreme weather conditions.

Thousands are fleeing the NSW south coast while 28 people remain missing in Victoria.

Newspapers and agencies around the world have reported on the horrific blazes which have ravaged the country.

The Guardian UK ran a photo on its front page of NSW RFS Shane Fitzsimmons awarding a medal to the son of deceased firefighter Geoffrey Keaton with the headline: “Thousands stranded as they flee bushfires”.

The Guardian newspaper's front page with a picture of NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons and Harvey Keaton.
The Guardian's front page focusing on Australia's bushfires. Source: The Guardian

The I, a UK newspaper, had its front page on New Year’s Day devoted to the bushfire emergency.

“Australia ablaze,” the headline read.

The New York Times ran a photo with a pointer on its front page amid New Year’s celebrations with the subheading: “Nowhere else to run”.

The front page of the New York Times on January 1. It shows a photo of a kangaroo passing a house on fire due to bushfires in Australia.
The New York Times' front page on New Year's Day. Source: New York Times

The Financial Times, a UK-baed paper, ran the same photo on its front page on Thursday as did the English The Daily Telegraph.

“Fire ravaged: Death toll rises in Australia,” The Financial Times headline reads.

In December it editorialised about Morrison’s “lack of leadership”.

“Beyond Australia’s shores, his government stands as a reproach to any leaders tempted to follow its lamentable response to the deepening threat of climate change,” it wrote.

A number of outlets around the world have taken aim at Australia’s Coalition government for what they perceive as an undercurrent of climate change denialism.

French newspaper Ouest France published an article before Christmas criticising Prime Minister Scott Morrison for not acknowledging global warming.

“Coal rich, rich Australia denies global warming,” the headline stated.

French newspaper Ouest France runs a photo of Prime Minister Scott Morrison amid the bushfire crisis.
Ouest France criticises Prime Minister Scott Morrison for not taking action on climate change. Source: Ouest France

On its website, the paper ran an article on Friday about an Adelaide mum concerned about the bushfires with the headline: “Fires in Australia: ‘I'm afraid my kids will think it's okay to smell smoke’.”

A number of publications including NBC and UK’s Metro ran video of the thirsty koala drinking water from a cyclist’s water bottle in South Australia recently. The Metro called the vision “heartbreaking”.

The Wall Street Journal ran coverage of people evacuating to a beach on Batemans Bay on the NSW South Coast.

“‘We Were Freaking Out.’ Terrifying Fire Season Takes a Bad Turn in Australia,” its headline read.

UK’s The Times called the fires “apocalyptic” as it also focused on those fleeing the fires in southern NSW.

CNN’s website ran video of kangaroos fleeing the blaze and Prime Minister Scott Morrison being heckled on visiting Cobargo.

The video of devastated locals shouting their displeasure at the Prime Minister before he quickly fled the photo opportunity was briefly the top story on BBC.

Meanwhile the Toronto Sun reported on the efforts of Canadian firefighters joining their Australian counterparts to fight blazes.

The I newspaper's front page which reads, 'Australia ablaze' in its coverage of Australia's bushfires. It's dated January 1.
The I newspaper covered Australia's bushfires in its New Year's Day edition. Source: The I

‘That is insane’: Overseas shock

Celebrities and influencers overseas have also reacted to Australia’s ongoing crisis with shock and awe.

New Zealand journalist and documentary maker David Farrier called for Australia’s political leaders to acknowledge climate change.

“You f****** idiots in charge who don’t get this: global warming is real,” Farrier tweeted.

UK TV presenter Piers Morgan tweeted about the PM’s encounter with Cobargo residents.

“Morrison got what he deserved... absolutely unconscionable for a Prime Minister to holiday in Hawaii as his nation burns,” Morgan tweeted.

Comedian Joe Rogan spoke about bushfires on his podcast and their effect on the koala population.

“Dude, that is insane,” Rogan said as he was shown a map of the fires last month.

Actor Bette Midler tweeted calling Mr Morrison “an idiot”.

“Pity the poor Australians, their country ablaze, and their rotten Scott Morrison saying, ‘This is not the time to talk about Climate Change. We have to grow our economy.’ What an idiot. What good is an economy in an uninhabitable country?” she tweeted.

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