'How is that possible?' People stumped by unusual shopping centre crash

A bizarre parking crash in Adelaide has people scratching their heads.

Tom Mcinerney snapped a photo of a car with its front wheel wrapped around a pole at Modbury Heights Shopping Centre on Monday about 2pm.

The photo was shared on S*** Adelaide’s Instagram with people perplexed as to how the crash occurred.

“How is that even possible?” one man wrote.

“I’m trying to work out how someone manages to even do that,” one woman wrote.

People are perplexed as to how this crash in Adelaide occurred. Source: Instagram/ Tom Mcinernery via S*** Adelaide

Others were confused as to how the pole was still standing after impact.

“Whoever put that pole in should get a shoutout, that is very well built,” one man wrote.

Another man suggested the driver reversed into the pole.

SA Police told Yahoo News Australia the car had been driven by an elderly woman.

“The elderly driver alleged her foot slipped,” a police spokesman said.

“No one was injured.”

The car was towed from the scene.

Sometimes parking in shopping centres can stress people out or cause confusion.

In November, a Cairns woman accidentally drove down a stairwell.

She hadn’t been drinking and Queensland Police said she just “wasn’t familiar” with the carpark.

Parking is often a topic which stirs online discussion.

For example, a parking sign in Melbourne had people baffled in January.

Parts of it suggested it was a loading zone, while other rules stated at times it was a one-hour park and other times a two-hour parking spot.

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