How five-year-old girl's hot chocolate stand helped 100 classmates

A 5-year-old girl helped out more than 100 students at her school with hot chocolate and cookies.

Katelynn Hardee, from California, decided to lend a hand when she found out some of the families at her school were unable to pay off their children’s lunch balances.

The little girl’s mother, Karina, said Katelynn was “very inquisitive” and started asking questions after she overheard another mother at school say she was unable to pay for something.

A five-year-old decided she wanted to help out her classmates after she overheard another mother say she was struggling to pay for things. Source: Fox 5.

“I tried to answer as best as I could without too much for a 5-year-old and just explained to her that some people aren't as fortunate as us,” Ms Hardee said, according to Fox 5 San Diego.

Katelynn then decided she would give the money to people at school, so they too can have lunch.

Every summer, the 5-year-old sets up a lemonade stand, which inspired her to set up a hot cocoa and cookie stand to help raise the money.

According to Fox 5, Katelyn baked the cookies and made the hot cocoa all by herself, and had the stand set up for three hours on her weekend.

Ms Hardee then contacted the school and explained to them how Katelynn had raised the money with the stand and how she would like to donate the money to all those who are struggling to pay for the lunches.

Katelynn raised enough money to cover the debt of more than 100 students at her school. Source: Fox 5.

All Katelynn’s hard work paid off and she was able to raise enough money to pay off the lunch balances for 123 students at her school.

“Her actions do create awesomeness,” Ms Hardee told Fox 5, saying she was inspired by her daughter’s actions and how they had a ‘ripple effect’ beyond the school community.

For her generous actions, Katelynn received an award at school.

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