How Aussies really feel about travelling overseas again

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With the reopening of international borders, and overseas travel slowly resuming, many Aussies have already been bitten by the travel bug.

But there are plenty of people still hesitant to cross the wide ocean so soon, with financial brokers Savvy recently conducting a survey of 1000 Australian adults to find out how they're really feeling about travelling again.

Passenger plane flying with blue sky and white clouds behind it.
Australian's learn that overseas travel will be resuming as international borders are opened. Source: Getty Images

The Travel Sentiments Survey explored current attitudes towards overseas travel, as well as the reasons for travel and Aussie’s preferred travel destinations. For most people, international travel has been a distant dream throughout the pandemic.

And as the world begins to reopen, results revealed there is both excitement and fear within the community.


Aussie travellers more concerned about getting stranded than Covid

More than half of people who took part in the survey were ready and excited to book their overseas travel and make the most of the opportunity to explore the world again.

Another 3 per cent stated they would be making an international journey simply to return home (after being away or stranded during the pandemic).

Interestingly, 47 per cent reported feeling more concerned about the possibility of getting stranded overseas than they were about their risk of catching COVID-19 (31%).

travel person stranded at airport
People are more worried about getting stranded than catching Covid. Photo: Getty

The other main areas of concern continue to be focused on International Covid-19 policies, and contact with unvaccinated travellers (especially during overseas flights).

A total of 64 per cent of survey participants reported discomfort at the idea of being on a plane with unvaccinated passengers, compared to 18 per cent who said they would feel comfortable.

When asked whether those who are unvaccinated should be vaccinated before travelling, 43 per cent said yes.

The travel destinations at the top of the wish list

Nearly all participant’s stated that their destination of choice would be significantly influenced by the destination country’s policies for minimising Covid-19 risk factors.

The most popular destinations were New Zealand and the Pacific Islands (26%), Asia (21%), and Europe (20%).

traveller in new zealand
New Zealand is a popular travel destination for travellers. Photo: Getty

What are we willing to spend to travel again?

The cost of travel has been fluctuating throughout the pandemic, with some overseas flights heading into 5 figures per person.

Over a third of survey participants said they’d be willing to spend between $5,000 and $10,000 for an international holiday.

30% said they would be happy to spend up to $5,000, and 12% were willing to spend between $10,000 - $15,000.

Hand holding a phone showing a boarding pass on the screen. The background is the inside of a plane cabin.
Price is no barrier for some Aussie's ready to travel overseas again. Source: Getty Images

“There is an appetite to travel and a lot of people have had two years to save up for a trip," Savvy's Managing Director, Bill Tsouvalas shares with Yahoo Lifestyle.

"Seeing as the upper end of spending is still quite small, with only two percent saying they’d spend over $20,000, this may indicate nervousness in going on holiday for extended periods."

But overwhelmingly, Australians are eager to travel once again.

International travel has clearly sparked a range of emotions and perspectives. Many are jumping at the chance to once again explore the world, and other's are still feeling hesitant about the possible risks.

Time will tell how Australia’s comfort with international travel lands.

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